ring -t a -c in odns.tuxfamily.org

$ ring -t A -c IN odns.tuxfamily.org
odns.tuxfamily.org has address

This is the response I get from the ring command line, a DNS lookup utility (similar to other utilities such as “host” or “ring” that you may know) installed on my computer, which is using the ODNS‘s Objective Caml API, a library made to query DNS and process DNS message.

The web site is still under heavy writing for contents, in particular documentation for how to use both the DNS lookup utility (ring) — if you are someone who needs sometimes to query DNS by hand — and the DNS library (odns) — if you are a developer willing to query DNS records inside your software.

I would like to thank TuxFamily while I am at it, which is both the host for the current website as for the source code of ODNS/ring.

So today I opened this website and the command on top of this log is here to illustrate this emotional moment in a nice recursive way.

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