Various news: Gentoo package, FAQ, upcoming version, OCaml planet, thanks!


at first I wanted to write several tickets, but I had so many topics that I thought I should compile them together.

Gentoo and Funtoo packages

So the other day, I sent emails on some mailing lists to announce ODNS version 0.2. And something like the following day, I notice several links from Gentoo Linux related websites referencing ODNS’s website. So it just took about a single day for a Gentoo contributor to make a package for ODNS! As a long time user of Gentoo myself, I was really pleased and never stops to be impressed by this distribution, its users and ecosystem.
Also I would like to thank Alexis Ballier who made the package.
It seems the same package is also available on Funtoo Linux, which describes itself as a Gentoo Linux variant (it has a different portage tree, but apparently all packages are imported, though often with changes). I didn’t even know this distribution before!
Hence I updated the download page with these information.

If anyone made a package for another distribution, don’t hesitate to tell me!

Frequently Asked Questions

I created a Frequently Asked Question page, because a few questions got asked to me on the Caml mailing list, in particular about the license (once in private, once on the list) and whether the library was synchroneous. This point in particular is interesting so I plan to later write an article here about the interests of both synchroneous and asynchroneous development, and why I chose synchroneous, though both systems have interests and issues.

Soon-to-come version 0.3!

Yes you read well. I already plan a 0.3. Actually I would have already got it out if I was not moving a lot at the moment. I have already many changes and improvements (very interesting ones, at least I think), to both the library and the lookup tool, like a nice caching system… but not only! Stay tuned.

OCaml planet

I got proposed to add this news feed to the OCaml planet hosted by the OCamlCore company. So I accepted. Now if you already follow this planet, then you will get news from ODNS as well. 🙂


Many thanks to all the people who showed interest (and even those who didn’t show it, but had some anyway) to ODNS and ring.
And also I would like to thank INRIA’s hump and CamlCity for linking the project in their OCaml software database.
And a special thanks to TuxFamily, the host for this website, the archive, the code repository, the mailing list, and basically everything. This is a small community service and the admins are always nice and great to answer emails (though I never met them personally and don’t know them at all) very fast and taking care of every worries I always showed. So I think they deserve special thanks. 🙂

See you all.

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