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ODNS and ring version 0.3

So here they are, the brand new ODNS library and the ring tool. Below are the main changes. ODNS release notes Resolver class name changing This is not a nice change to change the API, but I should have done … Continue reading

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Various news: Gentoo package, FAQ, upcoming version, OCaml planet, thanks!

Hi, at first I wanted to write several tickets, but I had so many topics that I thought I should compile them together. Gentoo and Funtoo packages So the other day, I sent emails on some mailing lists to announce … Continue reading

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Announcement Mailing List

Hi all, I have created a small mailing list for the project. This is NOT a discussion list. I don’t think such a project needs a discussion list (we can discuss bugs and features by making reports and requests in … Continue reading

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Release of ODNS and ring 0.2

Finally the first official release of ODNS and ring is here! Get a look at the API documentation, the tutorial for ODNS (not finished), the documentation of the associated DNS lookup tool, ring, or simply download this new release. If … Continue reading

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Bzzzz tracker…

Yeah so now there is a bug tracker included in my WordPress instance (basically the software which makes this website). I first tried to install a full-featured bug tracker and project management tool (Trac) but it was a pain in … Continue reading

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ring -t a -c in

$ ring -t A -c IN has address This is the response I get from the ring command line, a DNS lookup utility (similar to other utilities such as “host” or “ring” that you may know) installed … Continue reading

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