Get ODNS and ring!

Distribution Packages

The only distributions, I know of, which have packages are Gentoo Linux and Funtoo Linux (thanks to Alexis Ballier).
For both these distribution, you can simply run:
emerge -va odns

If you know of any other distribution with a ODNS package, be nice to tell me.

Source download

Latest stable release

The latest release is odns version 0.3, which you can download here: (or by ftp, anonymously).

Older stable releases

Older releases may be available by http or ftp.

Development version

You can get the development version from the source code’s SVN repository.
It is browsable from the web at:

You can also check-out anonymously with SVN:
svn co svn://

If you want to help with development, feel free to drop me an email, send me patches, bug reports, etc. Obviously I will not give write access to SVN immediately, but only after several relevant patches, so don’t ask right away.

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