Distribution Package

Currently only Gentoo Linux and Funtoo Linux provides package, as far as I know.
So if you are a user of one of these, simply run:

emerge -va odns

For others, you must compile from source for now.

From Sources


There is no real build dependencies, other than the OCaml compiler of course. But I have a dependency on ocamlfind (a tool to manage libraries), the goal being simply to make life easier for me to install, and later for developers to use and to link in their own program.
omcalfind has become anyway a pretty standard installation and link-resolution tool for OCaml development.

ODNS is not a binding to a C (or other language) library. It is an entirely native Objective Caml library.

Installation Procedure

  1. Get the source code.
  2. After decompressing the archive (or getting the source from the source repository), go to the root of the project (trunk/ in the repository, or in a downloaded archive, it will be usually “odns-” followed by the release version, for instance “odns-0.2” for the version 0.2).
    $ cd odns-0.2
  3. Run «make» to build the ODNS library and the ring tool.
  4. Run «make install» to install both the library and the “ring” tool.

    The installation path of the ODNS library is simply taken care of by ocamlfind.

    But ring will be installed in the default prefix (/usr/local).
    Alternatively if you want to provide your own prefix for ring, set the PREFIX variable this way (for instance if you want the /opt prefix):
    make install PREFIX=/opt


If you need to uninstall ODNS and ring, run:
make uninstall

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